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Lowestoft College: apprenticeship provision 13% above the national average

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Lowestoft College: apprenticeship provision 13% above the national average

March 15
15:22 2016

Lowestoft_CollegeLowestoft College is a leading provider of training and competence services to the construction, offshore, energy and maritime industries. The College sits at the heart of its community, bridging the gap between education and the raft of industries on its doorstep and across the region. Committed to achieving outstanding results, Lowestoft College, with apprenticeship provision 13% above the national average, views apprenticeships as vital to the future of businesses in the UK.

Working tirelessly to offer employers a broad range of apprenticeship pathways to suit their industries and sectors, over the last 12 months Lowestoft College has seen a 22% growth in apprenticeship numbers and classroom based student success rates have increased by 5%.

The College delivers a broad range of Further Education and work-based learning courses for young people and adults, and currently works with over 800 businesses in a variety of ways including skills provision, apprenticeships and training to seafarers and offshore and energy personnel.

Jo Pretty, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Lowestoft College said: “Our successful apprenticeship scheme gives apprentices a clear career path and understanding of what they can achieve in their role. Working closely with employers, we develop and deliver exciting, innovative apprenticeship programmes that are designed to meet the ‘future’ skill needs of employers in the area, such as engineering, business and IT apprenticeships, which are essential for the construction and trade, offshore, energy and maritime businesses in the area.

“The work based learning courses also offer a range of benefits to the 800 plus employers that work with Lowestoft College. An apprentice is a great way to invest in your company’s future and ensure employees have the skills and qualifications needed in the coming years.

“By introducing apprentices you can instil the company’s culture early and watch it flourish as they grow with the business. Our curriculum delivers robust skills and employability, whilst employees gain nationally recognised qualifications that are relevant to their role in the workplace.”

Oil and gas employees from all around the world attend Lowestoft College to experience the very best training from a highly experienced team of offshore specialists.

Lowestoft College offers over 650 apprenticeships each year, equipping apprentices and businesses with the skills they need for the future of their industry. The college is dedicated to supporting the government’s pledge to create 3 million apprenticeships, to strengthen the economy, by 2020.

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