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Development Plans in Mallow and Midleton Encounter Regulatory Roadblocks

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Development Plans in Mallow and Midleton Encounter Regulatory Roadblocks

Development Plans in Mallow and Midleton Encounter Regulatory Roadblocks
March 20
10:00 2024

Plans for housing developments in Mallow and Midleton face differing fates as regulatory hurdles shape their trajectories.

In Mallow, Oakfield Resources Limited’s proposal to erect 88 new homes in Annabella has hit a snag. Following the rejection by Cork County Council, the developer appealed the decision, only to face another setback from An Bord Pleanála.

The council’s initial refusal stemmed from concerns regarding wastewater management for the prospective residences. An Bord Pleanála, in upholding the rejection, cited a further issue: part of the proposed development encroaches upon lands not designated for residential purposes.

Conversely, in Midleton, the outlook appears more favourable for a housing endeavour. Plans for 330 residential units at Knockgriffin, comprising a mix of houses and apartments, are poised for advancement.

This proposal includes 199 three- and four-bedroom houses alongside 131 two-bedroom apartments. The apartment buildings, encompassing various amenities such as a creche, retail spaces, medical facilities, and a café, are envisaged to enrich the local community.

Moreover, the plan entails an array of infrastructural enhancements. Footpaths, pedestrian and cycle lanes, as well as ample parking facilities, underscore the holistic approach to urban development.

Yet, challenges persist. Havenfalls Limited, the developer behind the Midleton project, contested certain conditions imposed by Cork County Council. Among the contentious stipulations was a requirement for the developer to contribute towards the construction of a railway bridge. Havenfalls argued redundancy, claiming the obligation overlapped with existing schemes.

Additionally, grievances were raised concerning alleged overcharges and rigidity in the delivery of childcare facilities.

Initially contesting these conditions, Havenfalls has now withdrawn its appeal, hinting at a potential acceptance of the initial terms.

These contrasting narratives underscore the intricacies of navigating regulatory frameworks in the pursuit of housing development. While setbacks in Mallow underscore the importance of adherence to zoning regulations, the developments in Midleton highlight the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and developer concerns. As both projects tread divergent paths, they reflect the evolving landscape of urban planning and construction in Ireland.

Source: Irish Examiner

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