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Digital Design and Consultancy Ltd. Introduces Point Cloud Surveying Service

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Digital Design and Consultancy Ltd. Introduces Point Cloud Surveying Service

Digital Design and Consultancy Ltd. Introduces Point Cloud Surveying Service
April 08
09:37 2024

Digital Design and Consultancy is excited to announce its new Point Cloud Surveying (PCS) service, changing how construction on projects is managed. This service provides ultra-accurate data for architectural, structural, and MEP services, capturing details like never before.

Alongside the PCS service, they offer:

1. Fire Protection Design
2. M&E Design
3. BIM Services

Key Features of PCS Accurate Data:

• High-Speed Capture: With the ability to capture 2 million points per second, their PCS service ensures comprehensive documentation of all project elements.

• Comprehensive Coverage: PCS captures all architectural, structural, and MEP services, providing a holistic view of the project.

• Access to Hard-to-Reach Locations: Our point cloud scanners can access challenging locations, ensuring no detail is missed.

• Long-Range Scanning: Capable of scanning distances up to 135 meters, PCS captures data efficiently across various project scales.

Benefits of PCS for Your Project:

• Increased Efficiency: PCS minimises disturbance on site and eliminates the need for revisits, streamlining project workflows.

• Cost Reduction: By providing accurate data from the first scan, PCS reduces changes and revisits, resulting in significant cost savings.

• Seamless Collaboration: Sharing captured data with the full project team is hassle-free, as PCS does not require additional licenses for access.

• Enhanced Safety: PCS enables measurements in hazardous locations from a safe distance, prioritising the well-being of project teams.

CEO Nathanael Cooney emphasized, “Our PCS service sets a new standard for digital surveying in construction, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. It’s a game-changer for project management.” He further highlighted that this service has been a huge success in delivering
substantial cost savings for our clients.

For more details about PCS and their other services, visit or contact 042 940 9212

Digital Design and Consultancy specialises in providing innovative digital solutions for the construction industry. From point cloud surveying to comprehensive design services, they are committed to helping their clients achieve success with confidence and efficiency.

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