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Irish Local Authority To Develop Scalable Model For Decarbonisation

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Irish Local Authority To Develop Scalable Model For Decarbonisation

Irish Local Authority To Develop Scalable Model For Decarbonisation
July 06
10:58 2024

A solar PV project is to be developed in Galway as part of a range of decarbonisation measures across public owned assets.


Galway City Council has requested tenders for services for the preparation of reports and planning documents required for a Land Based Solar PV project.


The objective of the Local Authority is to implement a range of energy efficiency and decarbonisation measures across its owned assets to test a variety of approaches with a view to developing a scalable model for decarbonisation. The principles are to reduce carbon emissions by 51% and increase renewable energy generation by 50% by the year 2030.


Galway City Council have identified an area of land that is suitable for a land-based solar PV project which it wishes to progress. The initial location being investigated by the Local Authority is a 3.06ha area in Carrowmoneash, County Galway situated on the R381 north of N67 in the Deer Park Industrial Estate.


The site is owned by Galway City Council but within the administrative area of Galway County Council. This is the preferred site however this can be amended by the local authority to another site within the boundary of Galway City Council and an additional site may be included.


The purpose of this tender competition is to procure a consultant to assist the local authority

in developing a land-based Solar PV project over a two-phase (but not limited to) approach

identified below.

  • Phase 1 – Technical Feasibility Study and subject to a successful outcome and approval by

the local authority proceed to phase 2;

  • Phase 2 – Planning Application and supporting environmental studies


The Phase 1 indicative Scope includes design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance and an assessment to add an energy storage option to the project.


Tenders are due by August 1st.


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