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St. James’ STACK Project Begins Construction

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St. James’ STACK Project Begins Construction

St. James’ STACK Project Begins Construction
January 23
11:00 2024

The groundbreaking ‘St. James’ STACK, presented by Sela,’ is officially in progress, signaling the commencement of the fanzone’s creation outside St. James’ Park. The construction, led by The Abbey Group, is set to redefine leisure and social experiences throughout the week and elevate the matchday atmosphere for local and visiting fans alike.

Originally unveiled in 2023, this innovative entertainment venue will emerge from the efforts of The Abbey Group, which has begun laying the groundwork on Strawberry Place. The unique design incorporates repurposed shipping containers, a hallmark of the STACK brand, arranged around a central plaza and main stage area. This approach aims to appeal to individuals of all ages, offering curated family events and transforming matchdays with diverse food and drink options.

Newcastle United’s CEO, Darren Eales, expresses excitement at the positive reception from supporters since the fanzone’s plans were revealed. STACK, with its established reputation in the North East, is seen as a valuable addition to both the football club and the city. This strategic partnership is anticipated to enhance the matchday experience and bring a new dynamic to the area.

Neill Winch, CEO of STACK, shares the vision of creating a destination that goes beyond match days, becoming a staple for leisure and hospitality throughout the week. The strategic partnership with Newcastle United is emphasized, promising a dynamic and engaging environment. Richard Nellis, CEO of The Abbey Group, underscores the company’s commitment to community and innovation, showcasing their capabilities in contributing to this unique project.

As construction progresses, further announcements on the development of ‘St. James’ STACK, presented by Sela,’ are eagerly anticipated. This transformative project holds the promise of not only enhancing matchday experiences but also offering a dynamic and inviting space for the general public. The future of this collaboration between STACK, The Abbey Group, and Newcastle United is poised to bring about exciting changes for fans and the broader community.

Source: Newcastle United

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