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Advancing Modern Methods of Construction: Breaking Barriers in Ireland

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Advancing Modern Methods of Construction: Breaking Barriers in Ireland

Advancing Modern Methods of Construction: Breaking Barriers in Ireland
February 28
09:07 2024

In a collaborative effort between the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and TASC, a prominent economic and social think-tank in Ireland, a new report delves into the challenges and opportunities surrounding modern methods of construction (MMC) in the country. Authored by Dr. Robert Sweeney, the report sheds light on the potential of MMC to expedite housing construction and bolster Ireland’s efforts to meet carbon emission targets.

Unlocking the Potential of MMC Dr. Sweeney underscores the transformative potential of MMC, emphasizing its ability to accelerate construction timelines while minimizing waste and disruption in local communities. By advocating for policy reforms, the report calls upon the Irish government to champion MMC as a key driver of sustainable and efficient building practices.

Navigating Complexities The report highlights a range of obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of MMC in Ireland. From regulatory constraints to financing challenges, the barriers mirror those encountered in other jurisdictions where MMC has faced resistance. Notably, the reluctance of major banks to provide mortgages for modular homes presents a significant hurdle, stalling demand and impeding market growth.

Policy Recommendations To overcome these challenges, the report proposes several policy interventions:

  1. Reviewing height restrictions for timber frame buildings to accommodate MMC.
  2. Incorporating MMC components into building regulations to streamline approval processes.
  3. Implementing tax incentives to incentivize environmentally friendly construction practices.
  4. Encouraging local authorities to spearhead MMC initiatives in social housing projects.
  5. Developing procurement models that facilitate MMC integration in public infrastructure projects.

Addressing Planning Uncertainties While public housing presents a promising avenue for MMC, regulatory uncertainties within Ireland’s planning system pose formidable challenges. Delays in planning approvals, coupled with the lack of standardized designs for social housing, exacerbate market uncertainties and impede manufacturers’ ability to scale operations.

Charting a Path Forward Despite these hurdles, the report underscores the need for concerted action to unlock the full potential of MMC in Ireland. By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, embracing regulatory reforms, and standardizing design specifications, Ireland can position itself as a leader in sustainable construction practices.

A Call to Action As Ireland navigates the complexities of modernizing its construction industry, the report serves as a clarion call for bold policy interventions and strategic partnerships. By embracing innovation and leveraging MMC’s transformative potential, Ireland can embark on a path toward a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable built environment.

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