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FEMCON’s Toolkit for Gender Equality

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FEMCON’s Toolkit for Gender Equality

FEMCON’s Toolkit for Gender Equality
February 02
14:18 2024

FEMCON, a pioneering initiative in the construction sector, seeks to revolutionize the industry and promote gender equality through its dynamic toolkit tailored for Vocational Education and Training (VET) educators and construction companies. The primary objective is to make the construction industry more appealing to women, encouraging their active participation in significant roles and thereby addressing the longstanding gender gap prevalent in this traditionally male-dominated field.

The FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH Toolkit is a collaborative effort involving project partners from Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Ireland, along with organizations across Europe. This comprehensive toolkit is the result of extensive research and aims to instigate positive change within the European construction sector by providing valuable resources and insights.

The FEMCON toolkit serves as a beacon for VET educators, construction companies, and stakeholders involved in reshaping the industry’s narrative. Through engaging videos, informative texts, and impactful graphics, the toolkit motivates women to delve deeper into the necessity for change and take meaningful steps towards achieving genuine gender equality.

Organized into four sections, the toolkit addresses critical facets of advancing gender equality in construction. It illuminates the current landscape, explores the barriers faced by women, provides a practical blueprint for change through a Gender Action Plan, and goes beyond by offering inspiration and interactive resources available on the official FEMCON website.

FEMCON is committed to fostering gender equality and transforming the construction landscape into a more inclusive industry. By equipping educators and companies with the tools and knowledge encapsulated in the toolkit, FEMCON envisions driving positive change and enhancing the quality of training for women in the construction sector. The toolkit acts as a catalyst for transformation, marking the beginning of a journey towards a more equitable future within the heart of the construction industry.

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