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Housing and Regulatory Reform Top Chambers’ Election Priorities

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Housing and Regulatory Reform Top Chambers’ Election Priorities

Housing and Regulatory Reform Top Chambers’ Election Priorities
March 20
09:50 2024

As the local and European elections loom, Chambers Ireland is making its priorities clear, emphasizing the urgent need for more homes and a reduction in regulatory burdens for businesses.

At the local level, Chambers Ireland advocates for policies that foster safe, thriving, and inclusive towns and cities, catering to the needs of a growing population. This includes streamlining the planning system to facilitate essential infrastructure development.

Moreover, Chambers Ireland calls for action to harness the opportunities presented by the green transition, particularly in energy and transport sectors.

From MEP candidates, Chambers Ireland seeks a robust EU Industrial Strategy for Renewable Energy, aiming for a globally competitive Europe that facilitates trade worldwide.

Furthermore, the organization emphasizes the importance of EU investment for regional development and advocates for the elimination of obstacles hindering the single market and the free movement of goods, capital, people, and services.

In terms of skills development, Chambers Ireland stresses the need for strategies to drive growth in green and digital technology sectors.

These priorities are outlined in Chambers Ireland’s manifestos for the upcoming elections, scheduled for June.

Ian Talbot, chief executive of Chambers Ireland, urged candidates to be ambitious in their vision for Ireland, emphasizing the sluggish pace of national development in crucial areas like housing and infrastructure.

“Towns and cities need more support to reach their potential as thriving communities, which benefits residents and businesses alike,” Talbot stated, highlighting the economic opportunities, social cohesion, and improved quality of life associated with vibrant communities.

As the elections draw near, Chambers Ireland’s call for ambitious policies underscores the importance of addressing critical deficits and fostering sustainable growth across Ireland.

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