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National Transport Authority Plans €350 Million Investment for Dublin’s BusConnects Overhaul

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National Transport Authority Plans €350 Million Investment for Dublin’s BusConnects Overhaul

National Transport Authority Plans €350 Million Investment for Dublin’s BusConnects Overhaul
January 24
09:08 2024

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is set to allocate an estimated €350 million to a strategic partner to facilitate the implementation of Dublin’s ambitious BusConnects scheme.

The BusConnects program, designed to revamp the city’s bus system, encompasses two primary components: the creation of 230km of dedicated bus lanes alongside 200km of cycle tracks and the redesigning of the bus network. Central to the plan are 12 dedicated bus corridors, forming the backbone of the network, and enhancements to pedestrian facilities.

The anticipated €350 million expenditure over the next decade is detailed in newly released NTA documents outlining the process. The authority intends to shortlist five firms, inviting them to bid for the contract, which is scheduled for awarding in August.

As per the pre-qualification documents, staff from the successful bidder will collaborate with NTA personnel in a dedicated team tasked with overseeing the delivery of BusConnects infrastructure works. The selected partner will play a pivotal role in coordinating, directing, and collaborating with delivery partners and contractors to ensure the effective implementation of the necessary infrastructure.

The proposed contract will span a decade, with the NTA anticipating the commencement of initial construction contracts for BusConnects in 2024 and the potential completion of the final schemes by 2030.

Following the August appointment of the partner firm, the NTA plans to select six design-and-build contractors by December 2024. These contractors will then be responsible for executing the detailed design and construction of each of the 12 BusConnects corridors in the capital.

BusConnects has received approval from An Bord Pleanála for routes from Liffey Valley to the city center and Clongriffin to the city center, with decisions pending for an additional 10 corridors.

While the €350 million estimate is described as the NTA’s best assessment at this stage, the actual contract value may fluctuate based on the volume of services required. The documentation emphasizes the need for a partner due to the scale and complexity of BusConnects, acknowledging that the NTA team’s extensive experience necessitates additional capacity and capabilities for this transformative project.

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