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New AI Data Center Proposal Set to Transform North Lincolnshire

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New AI Data Center Proposal Set to Transform North Lincolnshire

New AI Data Center Proposal Set to Transform North Lincolnshire
March 22
09:15 2024

A groundbreaking proposal has emerged in North Lincolnshire, UK, signalling a potential technological revolution in the region. The project, set to unfold on pristine greenfield land south of A160 in South Killingholme, is poised to introduce a colossal data centre campus spanning 309,000 square meters (3.3 million square feet) across 75.8 hectares of terrain.

Initially brought to light by GrimsbyLive, preliminary planning documents unveil ambitious blueprints for the development, projecting a robust energy capacity of up to 384 megawatts, bolstered by the presence of an on-site substation.

Notably, the envisaged campus aims to integrate innovative sustainability measures, including a pioneering concept of a ‘horticultural glass house’ fueled by the heat generated from the data centre’s operations. With an estimated construction timeline of three years, the endeavour promises to reshape the technological landscape of the region.

Dubbed the Humber Technology Park, the visionary project is spearheaded by Humber Tech Park Ltd., although details regarding the company remain somewhat enigmatic. However, a noteworthy association surfaces through one of the directors listed on Companies House, demonstrating a link to developer Greystroke Land.

Intriguingly, planning documents also shed light on Greystroke’s involvement as a client, hinting at their vested interest in the venture’s success.

Despite a minimalist online presence confined to a dedicated website, the park is boldly characterized as an ‘AI data centre,’ underscoring its commitment to cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Notably, Greystroke’s past endeavours in Hertfordshire, where a similar data centre campus was envisioned, met with regulatory challenges, as governmental authorities denied their application due to concerns over Green Belt land.

As stakeholders eagerly anticipate the unfolding narrative of the Humber Technology Park, its potential to redefine the technological infrastructure of North Lincolnshire looms large, poised to propel the region into a new era of digital prowess and innovation.

Source: DCD 

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