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NTA Releases Comprehensive Survey on Walking, Wheeling, and Cycling in Ireland

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NTA Releases Comprehensive Survey on Walking, Wheeling, and Cycling in Ireland

NTA Releases Comprehensive Survey on Walking, Wheeling, and Cycling in Ireland
March 05
16:14 2024

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has unveiled the results of its groundbreaking survey, marking the most extensive analysis to date of walking, wheeling, and cycling activities across Ireland. The findings shed light on the profound impact of these modes of transportation, with staggering figures revealing significant reductions in car usage and substantial economic and environmental benefits.

Key Highlights:

Economic Contributions: Walking, wheeling, and cycling contribute over €3 billion annually to the economy in Ireland’s five Metropolitan Areas.

Reduction in Car Usage: A remarkable 680,000 cars are taken off the roads daily across Ireland’s largest cities, thanks to walking and cycling initiatives.

Expanding Scope: The survey, conducted in collaboration with local authorities and sustainable transport charity Sustrans, has expanded its coverage beyond Dublin to encompass Cork, Galway, Limerick/Shannon, and Waterford Metropolitan Areas.

Support for Active Travel: Over half of adults in Metropolitan Areas walk at least five days a week, with approximately 15% cycling weekly. Moreover, there is strong public support for increased government spending on walking, wheeling, and cycling infrastructure.

Health Benefits: Active travel choices prevent 5,844 serious long-term health conditions annually and result in cost savings equivalent to 1,600,000 GP appointments.

Environmental Impact: Walking, wheeling, and cycling save 160,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions yearly, demonstrating a significant contribution to Ireland’s environmental sustainability goals.

City-Specific Insights:

  • Dublin: Over 530,000 daily walking and cycling trips replace car journeys, underscoring the city’s commitment to active travel.
  • Cork: Walking, wheeling, and cycling activities save 18,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, aligning with efforts to promote environmental stewardship.
  • Limerick Shannon: The benefits of active travel include significant health gains and economic contributions, with 48% of residents with disabilities engaging in walking or wheeling activities.
  • Galway: 60% of residents prioritize active travel, reflecting strong community support for enhanced cycling infrastructure.
  • Waterford: Residents express a growing demand for walking, wheeling, and cycling options, signaling a shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation.

Government Response: Transport Minister Eamon Ryan emphasizes the positive impact of active travel on city livability and public health, highlighting ongoing government investments in walking and cycling infrastructure.

NTA Commitment: NTA CEO Anne Graham pledges continued efforts to promote active travel and enhance pedestrian and cycle-friendly infrastructure nationwide, fostering a more sustainable future for all.

Sustrans Collaboration: Sustrans Chief Operating Officer Matt Winfield applauds the Irish public’s enthusiasm for active travel and reaffirms Sustrans’ commitment to supporting initiatives that encourage walking, wheeling, and cycling.

The survey underscores the growing preference for active travel options and sets the stage for further investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure across Ireland’s urban landscapes.

Source: Transport for Ireland

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