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Piper’s Hill College Students Secure Safe Pass Certification

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Piper’s Hill College Students Secure Safe Pass Certification

Piper’s Hill College Students Secure Safe Pass Certification
March 21
15:49 2024

Transition year and senior cycle students at Piper’s Hill College in Naas recently completed Safe Pass training, a crucial milestone in their educational journey. Administered by the Construction Industry Federation and SOLAS, this training marks their introduction to workplace safety, a fundamental aspect of the construction industry. Safe Pass is regarded as the premier safety training program in construction, and its inclusion in Piper’s Hill College curriculum underscores its importance.

Students at Piper’s Hill College embraced the Safe Pass training, recognizing its significance in their future careers. Their completion of the program was celebrated as they received their first professional qualification, symbolizing their readiness for the demands of the industry. Dermot Carey, Director of Safety & Training at CIF, commended the students and the school staff for their commitment to providing students with opportunities to develop essential skills and career prospects.

Michael Foley, a teacher at Piper’s Hill College, emphasized the value of Safe Pass qualification for the students, highlighting its practical importance for their employability. Beyond the college, Safe Pass training is being undertaken by students across Kildare and Ireland as part of various educational courses, demonstrating its nationwide relevance. The Construction Industry Federation’s dedication to fostering talent is evident through initiatives like its Careers Campaign, aimed at empowering students interested in construction careers.

Dermot Carey reiterated the universal importance of Safe Pass qualification within the construction sector, noting its role as a foundational credential for professionals ranging from architects to labourers. With their Safe Pass certification, the students of Piper’s Hill College are equipped to embark on their professional paths within the construction industry. Their achievement represents a stepping stone towards future successes, enriching both their individual careers and the construction industry as a whole.

Source: IrelandLive

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