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Shannon Foynes and Rotterdam to explore development of green fuels supply chain corridor

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Shannon Foynes and Rotterdam to explore development of green fuels supply chain corridor

Shannon Foynes and Rotterdam to explore development of green fuels supply chain corridor
January 29
18:11 2024

Shannon Foynes, Ireland’s largest bulk port, and the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, have joined forces to explore the development of a supply-chain corridor dedicated to exporting green fuels into Europe. The focus will be on harnessing the abundant wind resources off Ireland’s west coast to produce green hydrogen and its derivatives, with an agreement signed to maximize the renewable energy potential of the Shannon Estuary.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlines plans for market and trade development, emphasizing the production of vast volumes of green hydrogen starting with proof-of-concept volumes by 2030. With the wind resource off Ireland’s west coast exceeding 80GW, over ten times the country’s current national requirement, the initiative aligns with Europe’s broader green hydrogen strategy, aiming to import 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2030.

The Port of Rotterdam, already a leading energy hub in Europe, intends to facilitate volumes of 40 million tonnes from worldwide sources by 2050. The MOU also paves the way for exploring additional opportunities, including collaborations with commercial parties, creating coalitions, and expanding the partnership to achieve the first proof-of-concept volumes before 2030.

The agreement includes engaging relevant public stakeholders, sharing information on potential supply, and fostering collaboration on various green hydrogen derivatives like green ammonia and green methanol. Both ports will also work together on market development and identifying final off-takers for supplies from Ireland, including sectors like maritime fuels, sustainable aviation fuels, green fertilizer, and industries requiring direct green hydrogen fuel.

Mr. René van der Plas, Director International at the Port of Rotterdam, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating that it supports their efforts to set up supply chain corridors for importing green hydrogen into north-west Europe. Mr. Patrick Keating, CEO of Shannon Foynes Port Company, emphasized the transformative potential for Ireland as a leading renewable energy generation hub, contributing significantly to Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels.

The MOU marks a pivotal step towards leveraging Ireland’s renewable energy production for export, with the Port of Rotterdam serving as a crucial supply chain corridor for green fuels into Europe. The collaboration between these two major ports reflects a collective commitment to advancing sustainable and low-carbon solutions for the future.

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