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Irish Government Allocates €750,000 to Lure Construction Workers Back Home

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Irish Government Allocates €750,000 to Lure Construction Workers Back Home

Irish Government Allocates €750,000 to Lure Construction Workers Back Home
February 12
12:03 2024

Under a new government initiative, Irish construction workers living abroad are being encouraged to return home to help alleviate the country’s housing crisis. Higher Education Minister Simon Harris has been allocated €750,000 to spearhead a campaign aimed at bolstering the construction workforce in Ireland.

At the core of the plan is an outreach program targeting Irish workers in cities such as London, New York, and Sydney to explore incentives for their return. Minister Harris emphasized the pressing need for additional construction workers, citing projections indicating a demand for an extra 50,000 workers across all trades over the next decade to meet housing needs.

While direct financial incentives are not being offered, the government is exploring measures to enhance Ireland’s appeal as a work destination. Minister Harris’s “Careers in Construction” report revealed concerns among parents and students about financial uncertainty and limited exposure to the construction sector in secondary schools, particularly in all-girls schools.

The campaign aims to address these challenges by showcasing the value of careers in construction, fostering partnerships with guidance counselors, and promoting greater gender diversity in the industry. Minister Harris highlighted the importance of increasing apprenticeship opportunities, noting a significant rise in registrations since 2021 but emphasizing the need for further recruitment to address the housing crisis effectively.


Source : Independent Ireland

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