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MetroLink Boosts Property Protection: €75,000 Repairs Offered Amid Construction Impact

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MetroLink Boosts Property Protection: €75,000 Repairs Offered Amid Construction Impact

MetroLink Boosts Property Protection: €75,000 Repairs Offered Amid Construction Impact
March 07
10:01 2024

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has responded to homeowner concerns along the MetroLink route by raising the threshold for property protection. The new limit of €75,000, a significant increase from €45,000, addresses construction-induced damages, providing financial reassurance to residents and business owners. Led by Aidan Foley, TII highlighted the scheme’s pivotal role in the railway order process and emphasized its adaptability, with adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index from the Railway Order grant date.

To ensure impartiality and dispute resolution, TII announced the establishment of an “independent dispute resolution process” before construction begins. Homeowners can pursue legal remedies outside the scheme without compromising their existing legal rights. The heightened threshold aims to offer further assurances, covering financial concerns, inflation, and dispute resolution. TII emphasized the independence of the expert adjudicator from the organization, underscoring that participation in the Property Owners’ Protection Scheme (POPS) does not compromise homeowners’ legal rights.

Expanding the scope of the POPS scheme, landlords of residential properties are now eligible, encompassing adjoining properties. Conservation specialists will assess listed properties, and commercial entities within residential properties, such as ground-floor shops, will be included in the survey. Eligible owners are encouraged to sign up at least six months before local construction begins, with TII actively promoting the process through targeted letters to affected homeowners. In the event of deviations from original plans, affected properties will be invited to join the scheme. Crucially, the POPS scheme commitment extends for 12 months post-MetroLink line opening, demonstrating TII’s dedication to addressing construction-related concerns even after project completion.

Source: Irish Independent 

Image Source: RTÉ

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