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Robertson Timber Engineering Advances Sustainable Construction Solutions in Pursuit of Net Zero Objectives

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Robertson Timber Engineering Advances Sustainable Construction Solutions in Pursuit of Net Zero Objectives

Robertson Timber Engineering Advances Sustainable Construction Solutions in Pursuit of Net Zero Objectives
February 13
15:18 2024

Robertson Timber Engineering (RTE) has solidified its dedication to mass timber solutions in response to growing customer demands and a collective commitment to achieving net-zero objectives. With a rich legacy spanning over 35 years, RTE has been a pioneer in the design, manufacturing, and installation of precision-engineered frame structures. In a strategic move to strengthen its flourishing supply chain, the company is actively seeking skilled mass timber erectors, designers, and contract managers. This decision comes as the construction industry, a pivotal force in driving innovation for sustainable built environments, increasingly turns to eco-friendly alternatives to meet net-zero goals.

Timber has gained recognition for its safety, reliability, and sustainable attributes, leading to a surge in adoption within the construction sector. RTE’s proficiency in off-site manufacturing plays a crucial role in reducing both embodied and operational carbon from the project’s inception, leveraging the inherent sustainability of timber. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns with the broader industry trend towards decarbonization of buildings. By actively seeking professionals in mass timber erection, design, and project management, RTE aims to fortify its capabilities and contribute to the industry’s shift towards more sustainable construction practices.

A noteworthy testament to RTE’s impact in the construction sector is the recent acknowledgment in the ‘Timber in Construction Roadmap’ by governmental authorities. The research highlighted that an impressive ‘95% of structural timber’ from RTE’s projects could be recovered without damage and reused in the same building type. This recognition underscores RTE’s commitment to sustainable practices and showcases the potential for circular economies within the timber construction sector. Mike Turner, the Managing Director of Robertson Timber Engineering, emphasized the company’s dedication to expanding its product portfolio and aligning with net-zero targets. He expressed excitement about enhancing the existing supply chain, inviting experienced professionals who share the company’s passion for quality to collaborate with Team Robertson.

In the current era of sustainable construction, Robertson Timber Engineering emerges as a key player, leading the way with innovative solutions and fostering a collaborative approach towards a greener and more sustainable future. As the demand for environmentally friendly construction practices continues to grow, RTE positions itself as a frontrunner in providing expertise and solutions that contribute to the industry’s overall sustainability goals. With a focus on precision engineering and off-site manufacturing, the company not only meets the current needs of the construction sector but also sets the stage for a more sustainable and resilient built environment for future generations.

Source: Scottish Construction Now

Image Source: Robertson website 

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