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Travis Perkins Anticipates Post-Election Recovery Amidst Business Reshuffle

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Travis Perkins Anticipates Post-Election Recovery Amidst Business Reshuffle

Travis Perkins Anticipates Post-Election Recovery Amidst Business Reshuffle
March 06
11:34 2024

Travis Perkins, a prominent construction product retailer, anticipates a delayed recovery for the UK construction sector pending the outcome of the upcoming general election. Both large and small-scale customers are withholding decisions, awaiting potential supportive measures from the post-election government and seeking clarity on interest rate trajectories. The company acknowledges the cautious stance of its clientele amid political uncertainty and believes a decisive government stimulus package could rejuvenate the construction industry.

In addition to the election-related concerns, Travis Perkins is considering an exit from its struggling French Toolstation business, facing challenges such as brand awareness issues, servicing less populated regions, and subdued demand. Projected losses of £20 million in 2024 have prompted management to contemplate a strategic exit plan. Simultaneously, the Toolstation Benelux segment, with 119 stores, is under review due to a £19 million loss in the previous year, despite an 11% growth in sales. Travis Perkins acknowledges the necessity of evaluating sustainable growth options in this region.

The company’s overall financial report reveals a 2.7% dip in revenue, totalling £4.9 billion. Pre-tax profit experienced a significant decline from £245 million to £70 million, with adjusted operating profit plummeting by 39% to £180 million. CEO Nick Roberts attributes these challenges to ongoing economic hurdles, particularly in newly built housing and domestic RMI sectors, exacerbated by deflationary pressures on commodity products. Despite these obstacles, Roberts emphasizes the company’s commitment to fortifying market positions and improving profitability amidst persisting market headwinds throughout 2024. In conclusion, Travis Perkins is strategically navigating economic challenges, looking towards a post-election recovery, and evaluating its business portfolio to enhance overall performance in the dynamic construction sector.

Source: Ireland Live

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