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Ministers Announce €658 Million Investment in Regional and Local Roads

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Ministers Announce €658 Million Investment in Regional and Local Roads

Ministers Announce €658 Million Investment in Regional and Local Roads
February 21
10:02 2024


Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan T.D. and Minister of State Jack Chambers T.D. have unveiled a significant investment programme totaling €658 million for regional and local roads in 2024. This substantial funding increase of €32 million aims to enhance road safety, connectivity, and overall road quality across the country.

The investment is set to facilitate the maintenance and improvement of approximately 2,640km of regional and local roads, ensuring they meet required standards. Additionally, around 2,160km of roads will undergo strengthening measures to enhance the overall quality of the road network.

Minister Ryan emphasized the paramount importance of road safety for all users, highlighting the critical role of maintaining and renewing the existing road infrastructure. He stressed the significance of the road network in fostering social and economic connectivity, facilitating seamless travel experiences, and ensuring predictability and safety for road users.

Part of the funding, amounting to €16 million, will be allocated to 335 climate change adaptation projects, aimed at future-proofing roads. These projects encompass a range of initiatives, from seawall protection works in Malin Head, County Donegal, to flooding alleviation works in Camross Oldtown, County Wexford.

Minister Chambers echoed the sentiments, underlining the substantial benefits this investment will bring to communities nationwide. The funding will enhance connectivity, support local businesses, and improve accessibility for families, making school and work commutes safer and more efficient.

To address road safety concerns, over 250 safety projects will be implemented, focusing on remedial measures to enhance the safety of the road network for all users. Minister Chambers emphasized the importance of engineering solutions in reducing road fatalities and serious injuries, alongside road safety awareness and policy reforms.

Strategic road projects, totaling €50 million, will also receive funding to advance their development, aligning with priorities outlined in the National Development Plan. Additionally, €20 million has been allocated for smaller-scale road improvements, including bridgeworks, junction reconfiguration projects, and measures to alleviate traffic congestion in towns.

Projects funded in 2024 include the Edenderry Relief Road in County Offaly and Castlestrange Bridge Rehabilitation in County Roscommon. This comprehensive investment underscores the government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure, enhancing safety, and bolstering economic and social connectivity across Ireland.

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